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Grand Rapids, MI
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Welcome!  Have a cup of tea with us. 
At English Cottage Tea our desire is to build relationships, give personal attention and help others to develop a passion for the pleasure of tea.

We start by offering fresh, premium loose leaf teas that are free from harmful chemicals, helping our customers to gain a healthier life-style through the pleasure of their ritual of tea either in peaceful solitude or in the company of friends.​  All of the teas we sell are either certified USDA Organic or are imported from Germany, the world's largest purchaser of tea and a country with the most stringent quality control to ensure the highest purity.  When sipping our teas you know you are enjoying some of the purest teas available!

We further promote the enjoyment of tea by holding tea tasting parties and offering hostess rewards. See the Tea Tastings page for more details. 

Themed tea parties are scheduled throughout the year.  Check out our Events page to see what is scheduled in the near future.

The parlor is available for private  Afternoon Teas, children's birthday tea parties and bridal or  baby showers.  If you have an occasion for celebration or just want to gather with friends, we offer an elegant, cozy setting with personal service.  

 Although we don't have regular hours of operation, but welcome groups of four or more to come to tea at the parlor by appointment. For parties of less than four, we offer Cream Tea (tea and scones). Please make reservations at least 2 business days in advance.

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Themed Tea Parties
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