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Irish Breakfast
Black Teas
Irish Breakfast brews into a robust flavor with a rich color which produces a satisfying brew by itself or with milk (Irish style). Good anytime of the day.  

2 oz. $6.00
Black Teas are allowed to oxidize, which gives them their bold, strong flavors.  Many black teas can be enjoyed straight, but can also take milk and sweetners well for a special treat.
This tea is a lovely gem among the expanding range of excellent orthodox production black teas from Kenya. The tea is a beautiful honey amber color, with strong citrus notes of blood orange and grapefruit.  This is a tea to savor slowly, appreciating the fullness of  this fine tea.

2 oz. $6.00
Kenyan Black
Masala Chai
Made from a blend of black teas flavored with pure spices:  cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.  It is good black, but is ideally brewed strong and served with sweetener and milk, "chai-style". This is a special treat! You’re worth it!! Good for multiple infusions. 

2 oz.  $6.00                          
Mint Chocolate 

Like enjoying a peppermint patty without the guilt. Delicious and refreshing taste. 

2 oz.  $6.00                         
Earl Grey Organic
All natural, high quality Bergamot essential oil is added to a full blend of organic Nilgiri teas creating a traditional cup that is a cut above. Rich, aromatic and well balanced.  USDA Certified Organic.

2 oz.  $6.00                         
English Breakfast Organic
This is no ordinary English Breakfast. An outstanding blend of high quality USDA certified organic black Ceylon teas which produce a full-bodied yet smooth cup. No bitter aftertaste and a perfect way to begin a new day.

2 oz.  $6.00                         
Irish Cream
A delicious creamy black tea with a hint of chocolate. May be enjoyed by itself or with milk and sweetener for a special treat. 

2 oz.  $6.00 

Sugar Cookie
This tea is not just for the holidays. Just as sugar cookies are enjoyable year round, you will want to indulge yourself with this tea often! 

2 oz.  $6.00
Chocolate Lover's
Sweet flavors of cocoa and dark chocolate.  A true temptation for all chocolate lovers.  Great with milk, too. 

2 oz.  $6.00 

Peach Nectar Organic
A delectable flavor of peaches; fruity, flavorful and refreshing whether served hot or over ice. 

2.oz.  $6.00 

Darjeeling Organic
Darjeeling teas are considered the "champagne of teas.  This organic Darjeeling is a highly aromatic and full flavored tea.

2 oz.  $6.00
Black tea with blueberries. Delicious both hot or iced.

2  oz.  $6.00
Robust, hearty and malty tea takes milk well, but also great on it’s own.

2  oz.  $6.00
Christmas in a Cup
This tea will make you think of Christmas with every sip.  Delicious enough to enjoy all year, though a special treat at Christmas time.

2 oz. $6.00