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Bancha Japanese Green
A mild and aromatic green tea with light floral notes.

2 oz.  $6.00

Green Teas
Green teas are minimally processed teas which yield a delicious, vegetal brew. A good green tea will not be bitter if brewed at the proper temperature and time.  Green teas have an powerful antioxidant, EGCG which can help the body to resist many deceases
Chocolate Sun
A blend of chocolate and sunny, juicy orange for a truly sun-sational tea!

2 oz.  $6.00

Almond Cookies
Freshly baked cookies, that's what this tea will make you think of.  A delicious dessert tea that won't make you feel guilty.

2 oz.  $6.00

Moroccan Mint Organic
​This traditional USDA Certified Organic blend combines two flavor powerhouses, Gunpowder green tea and Peppermint leaf. The full bodied, refreshing duo are fantastic hot or iced. 

2 oz.  $6.00

Raspberry Organic
Organic Green tea with raspberry fruit blend.  Delicious hot or iced.

2 oz.   $6.00
Strawberry Organic
Green  tea with the sweet, aromatic tang of strawberries.  Great hot or iced.

2 oz.  $6.00
Vanilla Wafer
USDA Organic Green tea with Vanilla, just like a vanilla wafer cookie.

2 oz.   $6.00
USDA Organic powdered green tea.  It can be added to smoothies, baked goods or enjoyed on its own.  Since you actually ingest the powdered tea leaves, you get 100 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea. 

4 oz.  $25.00
Organic Pear
Deliciously sweet and juicy.USDA Organic green tea blended with pear pieces.

2oz.  $6.00