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Fine Formosa Oolong

It is well known that the some of the best oolong teas are from Formosa and this one will not disappoint. Good for multiple infusions.

2 oz. $6.00
Oolong Teas
Oolong is a unique, seimi-oxidized tea that falls in between green and black teas. The main difference between oolongs is the length of oxidation, from 10% to 70%. With this wide range it is no wonder that there are many varied and interesting flavors from a light vegetal flavor to a heavier flavored tea. Oolong teas are better steeped at hotter temperatures and for shorter times, good for multiple steepings. For best results, rinse the leaves first, by pouring hot water into the pot or cup over the leaves and emptying it out as quickly as possible. Then pour the hot water onto the leaves again for the first steeping. Try it for 60 seconds the first steeping, 90 seconds for the second steeping and 2 minutes the third.
Caramel Oolong
This creamy caramel flavor in an oolong is a delight to the senses. A good introduction to oolongs. Good for multiple steepings.

2 oz.  $6.00