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Tea Tasting Party
Schedule YOUR OWN Tea Tasting Party

* Taste teas before you buy
* Learn about the different kinds of tea
* Find out what are some of the health benefits of tea
* Have fun and relax with your friends
* And Much More!

Easiest Party to host:

~ No cleaning of your house
~ No food to prepare
~ No deliveries -- Customers take product home with them
~ No handling of money
~ Just invite your Friends, have fun and relax!

Easy and Fun to Host 
Great Rewards!

Hostess Rewards

For hosting a tea tasting party—Free $6.00 bag of tea of your choice 

5 buying guests—Tea Caddy ($4.00 value)

10 buying guests—Tea Caddy and “Perfect Cup of Tea” spoon ($9.00 value)

15 buying guess—the above plus a box of disposable tea filters ($15.00 value)

$100— $149.99 total sales—10% of sales in merchandise

$150— $199.99 total sales—15% of sales in merchandise

$200— $249.99 total sales— 20% of sales in merchandise

$250— $299.99 total sales— 25% of sales in merchandise

$5.00 for each party booked from your party—redeemed when the party is held

Choose from regular items or hostess exclusive items

Guests who bring another adult  guest receive a free gift

Contact us today to schedule your Tea Tasting Party 
and earn FREE Products!

For information about hosting a Tea Tasting Party and earning hostess credits, please contact us on the form below or call the number at the top of this page.